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Leadership Links Health and Wellbeing Festival

We have been listening to the leadership conversations happening about wellbeing and resilience, and have heard many stories of people going ‘above and beyond’ in the health and social care response to the pandemic.  We recognise the importance of supporting people and teams to maintain their health and wellbeing now and in the future. 

In these webinars from out health and wellbeing festival, our speakers share different approaches to managing your own health and wellbeing and for supporting the people and teams that you lead. 

Practical Self Empathy Skills

Learn more about restoring your inner peace in this webinar presented by Shona Cameron.

The Art of Being Brilliant 

Learn more about the art of being brilliant in this webinar presented by Darrell Woodman.

Work and wellbeing

Learn more about the role of psychological wellbeing in the workplace in this webinar presented by Dr Chiara Amati.

Put your own oxygen mask on first : self compassion

Learn more about self compassion in this webinar presented by Dr Dorothy Armstrong.

Collaborating and influencing

Social leadership

Learn more about Social leadership in webinar presented by Julian Stodd

Collaboration in action

Learn more about Collaboration in action in webinar presented by Kirsty Leishman

Managing the complexity of collaboration

Learn more about Managing the complexity of collaboration in webinar presented by Paul Hibbert

Introduction to dialogue

Learn more about Introduction to Dialogue in webinar presented by Sharon Millar

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The empathic questioner

Learn more about The empathic questioner in webinar presented by David Steinberg

Courageous conversations

Learn more about Courageous conversations in webinar presented by Gillian McCready

Exploring and developing influencing capability

Learn more about Exploring and developing influencing capability in webinar presented by Sarah Goldsworthy

Creativity and innovation

Overcoming resistance to change

Learn more about Overcoming resistance to change in webinar presented by Gillian McCready

Creativity and innovation

Learn more about Creativity and innovation in webinar presented by Sonia Nosheen

Change by design

Learn more about Change by design : leading through creativity and innovation in webinar presented by Hazel White and Mike Press

The power of storytelling

Learn more about The power of storytelling in webinar presented by Hannah Reynolds

Motivating and inspiring

Inspirational leadership

Learn more about Inspirational leadership in webinar presented by Iain Menmuir

Talent management insights

Learn more about Talent management insights in webinar presented by Elaine Lawther


Self Coaching for Self Care

Learn more about Self Coaching for Self Care presented by Jeremy Hinks

Collective and compassionate leadership

Learn more about Collective and compassionate leadership in webinar presented by Graham Paxton

Seeing how we think

Learn more about Seeing how we think in webinar presented by Kirsty Leishman

Developing self-awareness

Learn more about Developing self-awareness in webinar presented by Gillian McCready

Managing my resilience

Learn more about Managing my resilience in webinar presented by Joanne Kerr

Diversity and staff engagement

Learn more about Diversity and staff engagement in the context of change in webinar presented by Kristi Long

Fostering a culture of inclusion

Learn more about Fostering a culture of inclusion in webinar presented by Kirsti Long, Angela Matthews and Calum Irving

Resilience and wellbeing

Learn more about Resilience and wellbeing in webinar presented by David Taylor.

Working with complexity and unconscious dynamics

Learn more about working with complexity and unconscious dynamics in webinar presented by Allison Trimble.

Citizen leadership and empathy

Learn more about Citizen leadership and empathy in this webinar presented by Alexander Warren.


The practice of transformative innovation

Learn more about The practice of transformative innovation webinar presented by Graham Leicester

Seeing into systems

Learn more about seeing into systems webinar presented by John Atkinson