Resilience and wellbeing

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You spend your days with your staff, leading, supporting and mentoring them to the very best of your ability. You have a service to deliver, it is important, you can see the difference it makes to people’s lives but it’s hard, there is just more and more to do, objectives to meet, targets to hit…

This Leadership Links webinar looks into areas to focus on to improve or maintain your resilience. It also offers some tips to improve your mindset and look into ways in which you can improve your habits, or start to get rid of some of the bad ones.

To get the most from the webinar, complete the Resilience Capability Index at:

The webinar is presented by David Taylor.

Webinar video
About the presenter
David Taylor

David Taylor

David Taylor is an experienced Leadership and Organisational Development Consultant with over ten years’ experience in the NHS. David is a coach and has interests in psychodynamics, dialogue and relational leadership. This work has led David to further develop a deep interest in the physical and mental wellbeing of leaders and how by focussing on this it can improve their performance. 

Prior to joining the NHS David was a serving officer with the Royal Highland Fusiliers Infantry Battalion taking on a variety of operational and training roles in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, The Falkland Islands, Iraq, Belize (and Edinburgh).