Getting started with artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we run our organisations.  In health and care it has huge potential to automate administrative tasks, improve how we use information and create new products and services.  But what is AI?  How can leaders across health and care harness its power without taking risks that could damage their organisations or put patients, service users or staff at risk?  This webinar, led by AI governance expert Sue Turner OBE, provides you with the answers.

About the presenter

Sue Turner is dedicated to using her expertise in AI and data governance and ethics to inspire organisations to use AI with wisdom and integrity.  One of the first 14 people globally to be accredited in the Foundations of Independent Audit of AI systems, and with both a Law degree and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, she established AI Governance Limited in 2020 to advise businesses and policy makers on pragmatic AI, data ethics and governance issues and making a positive societal impact.  She is Board Chair and Non-Executive Director for purpose driven businesses in the logistics and financial services sectors and is a Mentor on the Turing Institute’s Skills Policy Awards.  Her career spans entrepreneurial private businesses and not for profit organisations where she has led significant organisational growth, raised £27 million for charity and collaborated to shift power to help people improve their prospects.  She was awarded the OBE in 2021 for Services to Social Justice.