Empowerment : how to make someone feel valued

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In this Leadership Links webinar we explore the impact of empowering individuals to recognise and embrace their own leadership by looking into the following: 

  • What does being valued mean? 
  • Key components of empowerment and valuing someone.
  • How to make it feel genuine.  
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About the presenter

Alyson McKechnie-Vale is Business and Operations Director at Abbotsford Care.  A company very close to her heart, as a family-run business, it is a community which she is exceptionally proud of.  Her practice, which is centred around a relationship-based approach, is not only for residents but also for staff, promoting and encouraging the sense of belonging and curiosity to drive excellence.  She is keen to continue to promote Abbotsford's growth and development into the future informed by those fundamental experiences.  Her background and arts qualifications greatly informed who she is today and how she operates.  Her creative practice is her foundation with collaborative and reflective practices informed by the experiences of others.  Her education not only supported her individual learning but also allowed her opportunities to hone her facilitation skills to support others which she sees as a central part of her leadership.