Inspirational leadership

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Inspiring and motivating are both about sharing ideas or desire to do something – it’s that simple!  It is then up to the individual to act.

Do you have to have an amazing ‘inspirational’ achievement to be inspiring?  Can you motivate anyone you choose to?  Who is it up to?

Both are complex, individual and hard to see let alone measure or assess!  There is a huge amount of research data, books, videos and articles professing ‘if you do this you will inspire and/or motivate’.  Much of this is interesting and thought-provoking although once you’ve read one book or watched the latest video on the subject you come across another way of thinking which can be as equally inspiring or motivating.

There are, however, a few threads that people generally agree on which we will cover.  For now, just think why being motivating and inspirational is important to you?

It is worth understanding the relationship that ‘inspiring and motivating’ has with for example:

  • trust
  • learning
  • belief
  • engagement
  • pressure
  • experimentation
  • purpose
  • commitment

This webinar is presented by Iain Menmuir.

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Iain Menmuir

Iain has worked in operational leadership roles and as a coach, facilitator and speaker for over 25 years, in 10 different sectors of business, across 30 countries, helping people make changes.  He is a certified coach and mediator and has had leadership development programmes approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management.  He worked as an Implementation Consultant for Harvard Business School Corporate Learning and has been a finalist in the World of Learning awards.  The operational leadership roles he has held have typically been in high-risk environments such as offshore oil and gas and seismic operations in the Yemen responsible for operations and safety of hundreds of people. Outside of this he regularly competes in Ultra-Trail Mountain Marathons and ‘crews’ for elite athletes.