Work and wellbeing

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The role of work in our psychological wellbeing

Work has a strong impact on our psychological wellbeing.  A ‘good job’ – interesting, motivating and engaging work - can boost our resilience, build our self-confidence and support our mental and physical wellbeing.  However, jobs that are particularly stressed, where there is little support or where relationships are strained can impact both our performance and our wellbeing. 

In this webinar we will explore the relationships between work and psychological wellbeing; discussing how to develop and sustain ‘good jobs’ and how to support colleagues and people in our teams when times are tougher. 

We will explore psychological wellbeing from an individual and a team perspective, discussing how personality can affect resilience as well as common sources of stress in teams. 

Who is this intended for?

Individuals who are interested in psychological wellbeing either for themselves personally or for their teams.  You might be an individual who wants to understand how to cope better with stress and pressure at work; you might also be a line manager who is interested in understanding why some people in your team thrive whilst others struggle.  The seminar will be of interest to leaders at all levels. 

What will you get out of this webinar?

  • A framework to help you understand psychological wellbeing at work and what this means for you personally
  • Advice, suggestions and reflections on how line managers can support team wellbeing
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About the presenter
Photo of Dr Chiara Amati

Dr Chiara Amati

Dr Chiara Amati is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who works for The Keil Centre.  Occupational Psychologists work with individual and teams to ensure work is fulfilling, engaging and satisfying.  Chiara’s experience ranges from coaching individuals for greater personal resilience, assisting teams and line managers to manage work-related stress and advising organisations on strategy for achieving healthier workplaces. 

Chiara’s personal interest is in helping individuals thrive at work, building their strengths and skills, developing confidence and ambition.  In recent times, she has also been interested in how work has changed, how technology has altered our relationships with colleagues and peers and how this, ultimately, affects our psychological wellbeing.