Seeing into systems

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This webinar 'Seeing into systems' with John Atkinson introduces ideas about how to see the dynamics in human systems. It offers an opportunity to explore how to create adaptive approaches to change.

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John Atkinson

John Atkinson has worked on large scale change processes for over 30 years with public, private and multi-national organisations. He sees large organisations as ecosystems, shaping and being shaped by their environment. This gives rise to profound new insight as to their function and how to change them.

In recent years John has been fundamental in developing place-based approaches in England, has worked with Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland and supported Scottish Health Chief Executives and Project Lift in Scotland. He currently also advises the UN on Nature-based approaches to climate change, runs regular immersions in Living Systems Leadership for Sustainability with 4sd. He co-curated the book, ‘The Art of Change Making’, and hosts the blog ‘’ that is a leading online resource for living systems approaches to change.