Change by design : leading through creativity and innovation

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Design thinking is an approach and methodology used across a wide range of organisations to ensure people’s needs are the driving force of innovation and creative mindsets allow those organisations to be flexible, adaptable and focused on future opportunities.

This webinar by Hazel White and Mike Press, will introduce you to the key concepts of design thinking and show practical examples of how it has been applied in health and social care. Using a number of examples, we will show how design-led strategies of change link to effective leadership, engaged professional communities and enhanced capacity for innovation.

About the presenters
Photo of Hazel White and Mike Press

Hazel White and Mike Press

Hazel White is Director and founder of Open Change - an innovation agency which supports organisations to put the people who use and deliver services at the centre of re-imagining service delivery. She has worked with organisations from health to heritage to housing, helping them put people first and think creatively and optimistically about the future. She currently delivers a programme on Change by Design to 120 Queen’s Young Leaders through the University of Cambridge.

Mike Press is Director of Open Change and Emeritus Professor of Design Policy at the University of Dundee. He is recognised as a leading specialist in design management and the application of design to social policy and has written and researched widely on design, innovation and the management of creativity, speaking at conferences worldwide. Open Change has worked with healthcare professionals in the UK and overseas, and their work was featured in the Chief Medical Officer’s Report “Realising Realistic Medicine”.