Managing my resilience

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If you are a manager or leader wanting to know more about resilience, how it impacts on you, and what strategies may be appropriate to support you, then this webinar is for you.

We work in a context of complexity, ambiguity and change, where managing our resilience is essential to our effectiveness and our wellbeing at work. But what do we mean by resilience, and is it the same for everybody?  What is the difference between resilience and vulnerability?  How do we recognise and become more aware of the impact resilience has on us as individuals in the workplace?  What might you need to think about to better support your own resilience when it is tested? During this webinar, we explore these questions, look at how to develop a greater awareness of how you currently manage your resilience and how you might continue to work on this.

Session presented by Joanne Kerr.

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About the presenter
Managing resilience

Joanne Kerr is a qualified and experienced Coach and Coach Supervisor. She has worked in a coaching role for 15 years and has a particular interest in resilience and how we remain adaptive when under pressure.

Joanne has worked in the NHS within both HR and Organisation Development and therefore has some understanding of the working context.