Citizen leadership and empathy

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Alexander Warren will be speaking about his life and his journey to becoming a business owner. He will talk from first hand experience about what it's like to be someone with a learning disability who has to navigate different services whilst pursuing his many hopes, dreams and aspirations. His journey of citizen leadership which offers inspiration to many others. He’ll bring to life the six leadership capacities which promote citizen leadership. He will also show the important role that empathy from others played in him becoming a citizen leader. He’ll unpack how empathising can help you to recognise and value the leadership skills of others, and look at the other side of the coin: that we all need empathy in order to develop our leadership skills, whether we are using or providing services. 

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About the presenter
Alexander Warren

I feel strongly about encouraging people to live their dreams, no matter how big or small. I have been running own business called AJP Dreams for many years now. I use my personal experience to inform and inspire others. I deliver presentations and share my story with professionals, people with learning disabilities and their families.

I also work alongside service providers. In recent years I have been researching the link between empathy and support work with Edinburgh Development Group. We conducted research with people with learning disabilities and support workers about what supports empathy in support work and what gets in the way. We used our findings to develop an empathy training programme for support workers: With my work you will always get, genuine lived experience, a unique person’s perspective and plenty of inspiration.

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