Seeing how we think

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We live and lead in complex environments within a changing world.  What does this ask of leaders?

In this webinar we will explore so-called vertical development and its focus on the developing our capacity to expand how we think. You will be introduced to seven stages in adult development called action-logics. Each embraces more complex means of thinking and reasoning than the last. Taking conscious steps to transition from one action-logic enables one to invite renewed approaches to influencing and contributing to personal, team, organisational and even societal change.

Webinar presented by Kirsty Leishman

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Seeing how we think - Kirsty Leishman

Kirsty Leishman

Kirsty Leishman is a qualified executive coach, supervisor and facilitator. Her extensive coaching and consulting activity across NHS, public and voluntary-sector and FTSE 100 organisations, affords her a privileged view of leadership in action across a range of cultures and environments. She is a qualified lead scorer of the Global Leadership Profile; an inquiry led assessment of so-called vertical development capacity.

Kirsty is intuitive and empathic, challenging individuals to renew how they see themselves, towards developing and integrating renewed approaches to relationships and actions.