Creativity and innovation

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The Creativity and innovation webinar explores some principles and tools that can be used to help unlock creativity and lead to innovation.

Using creative approaches, thinking and the freedom to explore possibilities can lead to innovation.  Innovation is something that has not been done before - for this we need to think beyond incremental improvement. 

The webinar intends to:

  • cover some principles and tools that can be used to help unlock creativity
  • share some of the common barriers faced for creativity in healthcare
  • demonstrate how something simple as “drawing” and “pictures” can have a massive impact
  • provide you with some practical tips on how to bring creativity into the workplace
About the presenter
Photo of Sonia Nosheen

Sonia Nosheen

Sonia Nosheen has worked for the NHS for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience in improvement, patient safety and transformation roles. She has a Masters in Innovation and Improvement Science and is a certified Advanced Improvement Practitioner. 

By night, she transforms to Sonia Sparkles – a passionate artist and campaigner for creativity and pictures in Healthcare. She uses her creative skills to transform messages across Healthcare and has worked on this with many organisations. Her artwork has been used all over the country and beyond; you can see some of it at She recently launched a sketchnotes club (Twitter: @sketchnotesclub) to try and encourage others to use their creativity in Healthcare through drawing their own sketchnotes.