Perspectives on conflict : approaches to understanding and working with difference

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This webinar, presented by Sarah Goldsworthy, builds on a number of assumptions relating to conflict, such as:    

  • conflict comes from difference and its manifestation in relationships
  • conflict is inevitable in social systems and has a very significant impact on peoples’ lives
  • conflict can be helpful if managed well


About the presenter
Sarah Goldsworthy

Sarah Goldsworthy

Sarah Goldsworthy ( has 30 years experience of working with the NHS as a coach, conflict worker and educator. Her employment background was in management and OD within the NHS in Scotland. She has worked independently as an educator, coach and conflict worker since 2003 predominantly in the public, education and NGO sectors across the UK and internationally.

Sarah has an ability to bring lightness and humour to dark, challenging issues in a way that is empowering and compelling. Her approach focuses on the relevance of theory to practice and the relatedness of an issue not just to an individual but to the system of which they are part.