How can I contribute to creating an inclusive work culture

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National Inclusion Week is the annual celebration of togetherness, recognising inclusion in all of its forms. It highlights the importance of inclusive practices, especially within the workplace, and the need to educate business leaders on their role in the quest for equality.

In this session we are pleased to welcome Dr Debbie Bayntun-Lees, Professor of Organisation Development from Hult Ashridge, to help us explore acts of inclusion at the level of our individual behaviour that are key to strengthening equality and enabling people (in whatever context) to be the best they can be. Participants will be encouraged to consider how you personally can contribute to developing an inclusive culture at work through building trust, becoming aware of unconscious bias and building your DQ (diverse intelligence).

About the presenter
Photograph of Dr Debbie Bayntun-Lees

Dr Debbie Bayntun-Lees

Debbie is an experienced leadership, DEIB and Organisational Development consultant.  She specialises in developing organisations ’capacity for change, innovation and equity’, working largely with boards, senior teams, HR practitioners, and often whole system interventions. Employing a range of theoretical perspectives, experiential learning, and 'real time' practical interventions, Debbie works at the intersection of leadership, strategy and cultural change. She has a track record of successfully supporting clients develop collaborative and inclusive leadership, lead strategic and cultural transformation initiatives, and develop high performing teams in large, fast-paced, complex organizations, including the UK National Health Service and local government, and global corporations. 

Debbie’s approach is informed by her practical business and organisational development experience. Previously she was Managing Director of Connecting for Change Ltd, Education & Business Development Director of and has held several senior management positions in the UK National Health Service.

Debbie has recently led cultural change, leadership development and organisational transformation projects, in the UK, Europe, Egypt, and the Middle East. Her recent clients include British Land, Lowell, BP, Signify, Pearson, Euroclear, Swarovski, The American University in Cairo, Novartis (UAE), Bayer Health Sciences, DB Schenker, Deutchebahn, UK National Health Service.

Debbie has a first class degree in Education from Manchester University, a Masters in Organisational Change & Consulting and a Doctorate in Organisational change. She has a special interest in the strategic and systemic development of gender balance, strengthening women’s leadership, and leveraging the benefits of diversity in organisations through inclusivity. Debbie’s doctoral thesis explores the phenomena of women being “socially silenced” in everyday conversational life. She is passionate about working with forward thinking organisations to achieve cultures where inclusive conversations and ways of working are the norm.