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The reflexive leader : reflecting in and on action to strengthen our capacity to learn to lead

This webinar explores the essential ability to continually learn as a leader and its vital importance in today’s health and care context. 

We know how essential it is to be a reflective leader. Learning to lead comes as part of the parcel of fulfilling any leadership role well, now and in the future.  Yet it is all too often we prioritise action and task over time for reflection.  

How we show up as leaders matters. A good definition of leadership development is “learning to be yourself more skilfully” according to Peter Homa, a recently retired NHS Chief Executive. Peter, like many others, emphasises our ability to invest in ourselves as always learning and growing, “leading is a life-long learning seminar”. How we reflect and adapt our practice, the good, bad and the ugly matters. There is a huge amount of research that leads us to conclude that leaders who reflect and adapt continually are more likely to succeed.   

This webinar is presented by Jenni Jones and Joanne Rafferty.

About the presenters
Joanne Rafferty

Joanne Rafferty

Joanne Rafferty is an experienced organisational development consultant with over ten years’ experience in the NHS. Prior to joining the health service, she worked in private and public sector consultancy for nine years, focused particularly on leadership development and change management. She is committed to the use of relational approaches, like dialogue, in leadership development and transformational change. Like Jenni, she is currently working as a principal lead for Project Lift and is part of the facilitation team supporting cohort one of Project Lift’s new leadership development offering for aspiring directors, Leadership Cubed. 

Jenni Jones

Jenni Jones

Jenni Jones is an experienced leadership and organisational development consultant with 25 years’ experience in the NHS. Jenni has fulfilled both operational and strategic roles in change management, people and organisational development.   She is an experienced coach and consultant with interests in psychodynamics and relational leadership practices. Jenni is currently working as principal lead for Project Lift. This small team and digital platform aim to support new approaches to leadership that will enable transformation in health and care.