Working with complexity and unconscious dynamics

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This Leadership Links webinar with Allison Trimble will consider what might be going on when we seem unable to lead well or we just can't make the changes we know need to happen, particularly in times of uncertainty and change.

About the presenter
Alison Trimble

Allison is a senior leadership and organisational development consultant at the King’s Fund. She has over 30 years’ experience in of working in health and social care with extensive experience of working with senior leaders in the public sector as well as working with frontline staff, patient leaders and community-based leaders. Allison has a background in the Third Sector and is a founder member and former chief executive of the Bromley-by-Bow Centre, an integrated health and community regeneration organisation in Tower Hamlets. 

Allison is currently Director of the King’s Fund Top Manager Programme; co-directs the Building Your Authority; Influencing Beyond Role Programme and supports a range of system leadership/system change work in local Places in England and Scotland.  Allison has recently been working with system leaders in Scotland including support for the Scottish Integration Chief Officers Network and the Place2Be – a system leadership initiative for Scottish Public Health leaders.

Allison’s development work and coaching practice draws upon a range of approaches including whole systems thinking, complexity ideas, group and systems psychodynamics.