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These are grouped under the six Leadership Capabilities:

Collaborating and influencing

Collaborating and influencing means leading together for better outcomes. 

Effective collaboration requires the ability to influence others to see things differently or open up to alternative courses of action.

The following videos are available for you to view:

The amazing benefits of language learning with older people in care - presented by Bärbel Brash and Sylvia Warnecke

Collaboration in action - presented by Kirsty Leishman

Courageous conversations - presented by Gillian McCready

Deliberate data in health and care: service development, review, and evaluation - presented by Ijeoma Azodo

The empathic questioner - presented by David Steinberg

Exploring and developing influencing capability - presented by Sarah Goldsworthy

Implementing Near Me video consulting – a leadership perspective - presented by Mark Burrell and Vicki Greig

Introduction to dialogue - presented by Sharon Millar

Managing the complexity of collaboration - presented by Paul Hibbert

Social leadership - presented by Julian Stodd

Strategic influence - presented by Colin Gautrey

Creativity and innovation

Creativity is about opening up the mind to new possibilities, while innovation is finding new ways to improve the current ways of working.  

Creative people are prepared to take risks that move their work or organisation forward.  They like to solve problems and have an open mindset.

The following videos are available for you to view:

Change by design - presented by Hazel White and Mike Press

Creativity and innovation - presented by Sonia Nosheen

Digital health and care – what do people really need? - presented by Chaloner Chute 

Getting started with artificial intelligence - presented by Sue Turner

Overcoming resistance to change - presented by Gillian McCready

The power of storytelling - presented by Hannah Reynolds

The role of design innovation in the development of health and care services - presented by Don McIntyre


Empowering means enabling others to develop and use their leadership potential.

To empower people, you need to recognise that they can be leaders regardless of their position or role within the organisation.

The following videos are available for you to view:

Empowerment and advocacy to support inclusive talent management - presented by Frieza Mahmood

Empowerment : how to make someone feel valued - presented by Alyson McKechnie-Vale

How can I contribute to creating an inclusive work culture - presented by Dr Debbie Bayntun-Lees 

Perspectives on conflict - presented by Sarah Goldsworthy

Quality improvement and leadership - presented by Dr Bryan Mitchell

Motivating and inspiring

Motivating and inspiring people can be found at all levels of our services.  They set the standard by appreciating others, investing in colleagues, and focussing on quality.  By doing so, they motivate and inspire others to develop their own positive leadership style.

The following videos are available for you to view:

A good neighbour, good consumer, and good employer – NHS Lothian as an anchor institution - presented by Dona Milne

Inspirational leadership - presented by Iain Menmuir

Leadership - are you the CEO of you? - presented by Kirsty Giles

Talent management insights - presented by Elaine Lawther

What is a digital leader - presented by Paula Baird, Pamela Dimberline and Emma Scatterty 


Self-leadership means recognising, exercising, and improving your own leadership.

Self-leadership is about you, and your qualities – and your willingness to examine and change these.

The following videos are available for you to view:

The art of being brilliant - presented by Darrell Woodman

Citizen leadership and empathy - presented by Alexander Warren

Collective and compassionate leadership - presented by Graham Paxton

Coping with constant change, pressure and ambiguity - presented by Laura Kinsler

Culture of accountability - presented by Ali Keast

Cyber security : why it matters - presented by Scott Barnett

Developing self-awareness - presented by Gillian McCready

Diversity and staff engagement - presented by Kristi Long

Fake or fact – how to find good evidence - presented by Donna Watson and Eleanor Lochrie

Fostering a culture of inclusion - presented by Kirsti Long, Angela Matthews and Calum Irving

Introduction to authentic leadership - presented by Laura Kinsler

Introduction to mindfulness - presented by Laura Kinsler

Is there an imposter in every one of us? - presented by Sam Anderson

It’s not your job to be everything to everyone - presented by Kirstin Purdie

Managing my resilience - presented by Joanne Kerr

Practical self-empathy skills - presented by Shona Cameron

Put your own oxygen mask on first : self-compassion - presented by Dr Dorothy Armstrong

The reflexive leader - presented by Jenni Jones and Joanne Rafferty

Resilience and wellbeing - presented by David Taylor

Response: Feedback? Fake News? What is the difference? - presented by Laura Kinsler and Sam Pringle

Seeing how we think - presented by Kirsty Leishman

Self-coaching for self-care - presented by Jeremy Hinks

Work and wellbeing - presented by Dr Chiara Amati

Working with complexity and unconscious dynamics - presented by Allison Trimble


Vision defines the organisation as it would appear in a future successful state.

Successful leadership starts with a clear vision.  It focuses our attention so we can prioritise what matters most, enabling us to solve current problems, set goals and implement plans that take our organisation forwards into the future.

The following videos are available for you to view:

How to navigate across the various organisational cultures - panel with Nicky Connor and Alan Baird 

The practice of transformative innovation - presented by Graham Leicester

Seeing into systems - presented by John Atkinson

Vision in your organisation is more about you than you think - presented by Peter Hill