Leading for the Future

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“…instead of starting leadership development with theory and then trying to apply it back into practice, it may be more effective to start with the practical challenges facing an organisation or network and then search for leadership theories and concepts which help the practitioners to make better sense of the complexity of the specific whole system” ...…[1]

[1] Benington, J. and Hartley, J. (2009) “Whole systems go!” – Improving leadership across the whole public service system, National School of Government, Sunningdale Institute, p.9

The programme

Leading for the Future is a development programme for senior leaders at the level below aspiring executive, and equivalent roles within social care, social work, health, third sector and partner organisations in Scotland.

The programme has been designed to develop further the systems-leadership capacity and capabilities of senior leaders where they are now, though it can equip individual career-progression for those who want this. 

We warmly welcome interest from senior leaders who are keen to be part of a vibrant and inclusive national cohort that will learn and work together to develop the qualities of leadership that bring the vision for their complex challenges to life.

Designed around the work of national and international experts in leadership and organisational development, the programme aims to support you to move beyond your current mental models and ways of thinking to make sense of and tackle the challenges and  realities of your roles, working across boundaries and engaging systems in change.  The emphasis is on enabling you to put public management theory into practice by applying it to your live leadership challenges in your Adaptive Learning Set, which requires participant openness and courage, and offers the opportunity to learn with others within a multi-disciplinary and cross-organisational group, as they tackle their challenges also.

Over 10 months this development programme will offer you innovative and engaging learning experiences that will equip you with insights into your leadership in a complex and changing system. For more details on the core concepts and requirements of Leading for the Future, go to the introduction.   

Who is the programme for?

Leading for the Future is for you if you are already a senior leader at the level below aspiring executive, and equivalent roles within social care, social work, health, third sector and partner organisations in Scotland, and if you are committed to delivering excellent systems leadership and outcomes for people who use services.

The key thing is the difference you want to make and your openness to examine your mental models and ways of thinking and to trying new tools and approaches to achieve this, rather than on the level you want to achieve, or the organisation you want to work in.

We are keen to create a fully inclusive cohort whose members reflect the diversity of the population as a whole and the workforce of the Social Care, Social Work, Health, Third Sector and Partner Organisations.  We strongly welcome interest from applicants who will help us to achieve this goal.

Applications are sought from March to April each year.  Find out more information.