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Information on how to apply for a place on the Leading for the Future programme.


There are several routes for applications onto Leading for the future. 

You can get an application form and information pack if you are a senior leader in:

Alternatively, senior leaders from across the public services community who have completed the Self-Assessment will be invited to apply by Leading to Change where the programme is seen as good match for your development needs.

The application process for the September 2024 Cohort is open from 12th March to 19th April 2024 for Leading to Change applicants and from 12th March to 26th April 2024 for applicants from the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), the third sector, NHS Scotland, and partner organisations.

All applications are reviewed by the relevant organisation/sector to shortlist the candidates based on:

  • The ability to attend all programme dates and complete pre-and-post course work.
  • The quality of the application evidence provided.
  • The level of complexity, wicked issue/adaptive challenge for which development of a systems leadership approach and enhanced capabilities are required.
  • Candidates operating at the senior level below aspiring executive, and equivalent roles within social care, social work, health, third sector and partner organisations in Scotland.

Spaces are limited in each organisation and cohort so please take the time when filling in your application to fully describe your situation.

September 2024 programme schedule

Dates to be confirmed.  Each event will run from 09:30 to 16:00.

  • September 2024  -  induction
  • October 2024  -  module 1
  • November 2024  -  skills development workshop
  • December 2024  -  module 2
  • January 2025  -  masterclass
  • February 2025  -  module 3
  • March 2025  -  module 4
  • April 2025  -  module 5
  • May 2025  -  masterclass
  • June 2025  -  consolidation event

Other than the induction and consolidation event which will be set, you will choose the date options for the remaining events in your application form.  You will be required to remain with your chosen group for each of the modules.

Face-to-face attendance

In response to participant feedback, an element of face-to-face attendance will be offered to the next cohort.  All participants will attend the consolidation event in person.  Applicants can choose in their application form to attend a further two events in person (module 1 and the skills development workshop).  Once a group is allocated to you, you cannot change part-way through the programme or join in-person events remotely, so consider carefully what is right for you before submitting your preferences on your application.  Please note  there is no option to attend the programme online only.   Check with your organisation before submitting your application if you will require payment for overnight accommodation, travel, and subsistence costs.