Module 1

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Leading for the Future module 1


As with the induction, it is important for you to complete this pre-work in advance of the first Module and prepare your comments and questions about them:

Preparing for adaptive learning sets

As was highlighted in the pre-work for Induction, a core part of Leading for the Future will be your participation in an adaptive learning set (along with five colleagues) in all five of the modules. Through a facilitated adaptive learning process, you will have the opportunity to work through your own 'wicked' or complex issues with your colleagues. This programme is highly experiential. The more you bring your current work-based issues into adaptive learning, the more you will benefit from the learning opportunity.

In advance of Module 1, think through and come prepared to talk about at least one current, complex work-based issue, which you would find helpful to spend time reflecting on and exploring with your colleagues and facilitators within the adaptive learning set.

Your group facilitators will spend time during Module 1 explaining more about both the concept and process of Adaptive Learning.

Optional supplementary material that will build on themes explored in Module 1

Additional (optional) reading around the topics covered in Module 1: To consider the potential applications of the “U process” further, read this article by Zaid Hassan, Connecting to Source : The U Process (2006), which provides the writer’s perspective and some examples of how he has applied it to his own thinking and work in practice.

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