Module 5

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Leading for the Future Module 5


As for the previous modules, please read the following article and prepare your questions and comments:

  • Think through a conversation you have had recently which you found tricky or difficult or didn’t go as you expected (it may have been better than expected).Complete the Left-hand / right-hand column hand-out in advance of the next module as we will be working with this (no more than 15 minutes)
Supplementary material building on themes explored in Module 5

"Left-hand / right-hand column"

Left-hand/right-hand column" is based on the work of Peter Senge.  See: The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, Peter Senge et al (page 246) for an example and further explanation of the "Left-hand column" approach. 

If you found the "left-hand / right-hand " approach enlightening, then you might want to explore a bit more around the concept of "dialogue".  In working on our "wicked" and "adaptive" challenges, many of the difficulties we face relate back to conversations which do not go as well as we had planned or expected.  Here are some suggested resources to help you explore more about effective dialogue: