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Pre-work and preparation. 


To enable you to make the most of the programme, it is important for you to complete this pre-work in advance of the induction:

  1. Read through the introduction to the programme.
  2. Having refreshed your understanding of the aims and overview of the programme, consider 'Where am I now?' as a way of focusing your thinking around your learning aims, by drafting and reviewing your learning goals:
  • Referring back to your application form for the programme, review your aims and objectives for participating in Leading for the Future.  Draft a set of personal learning and development goals for your participation in the programme.
  • In doing so, you should ensure that these goals are aligned with your Personal Development Plan (PDP) and that you have had a chance to discuss and agree on them with your line manager.
  • Think about how you will 'measure' your own achievement against these goals throughout and by the end of the programme, i.e.,
  • What difference will participating in Leading for the Future make to your own effectiveness in your leadership role?
  • What impact will this have on your team and on your organisation (or your part of the organisation)?
  • How are you going to support yourself to make the most of this learning experience?
  • In preparing your learning and development goals, you might find the following three documents helpful:
Preparing for adaptive learning sets

As a core part of Leading for the Future, you will be participating in an adaptive learning set (along with five colleagues) in all three of the modules. Through a facilitated adaptive learning process, you will have the opportunity to work through your own 'wicked' or complex issues with your colleagues. This programme is highly experiential. The more you bring your current work-based issues into adaptive learning, the more you will benefit from the learning opportunity.

In advance of Module 1, you will be asked to think through and come prepared to talk about at least one current, complex work-based issue, which you would find helpful to spend time reflecting on and exploring with your colleagues and facilitators within the adaptive learning set.

Your group facilitators will spend time during Module 1 explaining more about both the concept and process of Adaptive Learning and in the induction, you will have a brief introduction to what this will involve. You will then meet your Set members available that day and be asked to consider what is important to you, about how your work together within your Sets.  Think through and come prepared to discuss this.