Module 4

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Leading for the Future Module 4 


As for the previous modules, please read the following articles and prepare your questions and comments about them:

  • Policing the Drumcree Demonstrations in Northern Ireland : Testing Leadership Theory in Practice (2007) by John Benington & Irwin Turbitt. The original article is in 'Leadership' Issue 3 (Volume 4), pp. 371-395. However, Irwin Turbitt has kindly given us permission to use an adapted version of the article. 
  • The Work of Leadership (Harvard Business Review. Jan/Feb1997, Vol. 75 Issue 1, p124-134) by Ron Heifetz & D Laurie in Harvard Business Review - which provides an explanation of the theory of "adaptive leadership".  Please note that Google sign in is required to access this article.
Optional supplementary material building on themes explored in Module 4
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