Module 3

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Leading for the Future Module 3


As for the two previous modules, it is important that you read the following articles and prepare your questions and comments about them:

We hope that you are enjoying the programme so far. As you are now two-thirds of the way through the core elements of Leading for the Future, we hope that you are already experiencing tangible benefits from the learning and development in which you have been involved so far.

Optional supplementary material building on themes explored in Module 3

"Bakens" and Action Planning

As you focus on creating vision and momentum for change on the "wicked" or complex issues you may be facing, it is helpful to consider the use of action planning tools. These tools can be helpful in focusing on how to make the change happen. In the programme, we will continue to explore the use of the "Bakens" (reference: the Netherlands Pedagogical Institute) model for this purpose. The best starting point for developing your understanding of the "Bakens" model is the article by Malcolm Young.
You may also want to reflect on using the "Bakens" model alongside other guidance around action planning. To help you in doing this, have a look at some of the resources in - especially around Decision making, critical thinking and problem solving

Systems Thinking 

The Bakens model is incredibly helpful in supporting your thinking about your wicked issue. If you are interested in reading more about "systems thinking", then you might find the following resources useful:

  • Articles and resources around systems theory and systems thinking on The Systems Thinker
  • Information on the "causal model for organisational performance" by W. Warner Burke and George H. Litwin. (Journal of Management. Sep92, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p523. 23p.)
  • Presence: Exploring Profound Change in People, Organizations and Society (2005) by Peter Senge, C Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworskii & Betty-Sue Flowers. Chapter 5 ("The Wedding") which builds on some of the concepts we have explored around application of the "U process" may be of particular interest.
  • John Seddon, Systems Thinking in the Public Sector: The Failure of the Reform Regime and a Manifesto for a Better Way (2008)

Shadow Side

For further perspective on the Shadow Side, there is this: Working the Shadow Side: A Guide to Positive Behind-the-Scenes Management (1994) by Gerard Egan.

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