Quality Improvement journey

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This Improvement Journey shows the stages of an improvement initiative or project. In reality, your journey is unlikely to be linear.  You will move back as well as forward, and will likely need to work on different aspects at the same time and throughout your project.  Click on the Icons below for more information, and to see what tools and approaches will be most helpful at each stage.               

Watch the animation below for an overview of the QI Improvement Journey. 

The Quality Improvement Journey
The 6 stages of the Quality Improvement Journey

Click on the Icons below to find out more about each stage in the Quality Improvement Journey. Each page has a range of helpful information and tools to get you started on your own Quality Improvement Journey. 



The 3 key elements that you need throughout your Quality Improvement Journey

Click on these Icons to find out more information on the 3 key elements that you will need throughout your improvement Journey. 

Quality Improvement Journey
Quality Improvement Journey

Content Updated August 2021