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Learning site for Allied Health Professions (AHPs).


Welcome to the Allied Health Professions learning site. The information collated here is intended to support you in practice, as you possibly take on new roles or work in new situations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

All AHPs will have different learning needs and we recognise that everybody will be facing different challenges depending on your profession, where you are working and what you are doing. This site offers a range of information, guidance and links to resources which you may find helpful and we will continually be adding more over time. 

Framework for supporting people through Recovery and Rehabilitation during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic: 

The rehabilitation and recovery of those who have had Coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as those who have been affected by lockdown is to be supported through a new rehabilitation framework.

The framework will assist health boards as well as health and social care partnerships and independent and third sector health organisations with their planning for recovery and rehabilitation services following the pandemic.

It focuses on adults recovering from COVID-19 who have ongoing health problems, as well as those whose health has been affected by lockdown, including those who had treatment and procedures paused due to the outbreak.

Additional guidance
  • Wherever you start on this learning site, take time to browse the headings and consider the content that will help you to practice safely, protecting yourself and those you work with. 

  • We also suggest reviewing the resources under the ‘Supporting the well-being and mental health of yourself, your team and others’, as this is crucial during this time.  

  • In addition, if you are an AHP who has been redeployed to a different role or area of practice: you may find exploring the topic areas under both general and speciality ‘Resources to support your practice’ helpful. 

  • If you are a healthcare support worker, please visit the dedicated Support Worker page, where a variety of information, guidance and resources are available to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic, which we hope you will find helpful. 

  • COVID-19 information: It is important you always use the Health Protection Scotland site to ensure you are accessing the most up to date information, guidance and resources as these change regularly. 

  • You may also wish to visit Health Education England’s (HEE) site to access additional AHP specific information and resources.

  • When navigating through the site, you can return to the page you were previously on using the back button on the top left of the page next to the page name.