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Resources for National Allied Health Professions Day #Scotland.

Who are we?
AHPs day

Allied Health Professions: art therapists, dramatherapists, music therapists, podiatrists, dietitians, occupational therapists, prosthetists and orthotists, paramedics, orthoptists, physiotherapists, diagnostic radiographers, therapeutic radiographers, speech and language therapists. 

What is AHPs day?
What is AHPs day

You are once again invited to join other allied healthcare professionals to celebrate AHPs Day on Saturday 14th October 2023. 

As with previous years, you are invited to join other allied health professionals in a day of collective action, by doing something that is meaningful and important to you, albeit this year it falls on a Saturday! The first ever AHPs Day was held in October 2018 to celebrate, appreciate and recognise the extraordinary work of the AHP workforce. In 2019 we were all about sharing why we were proud to be an AHP and joined by AHPs from across the globe including Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, making it a truly international social movement. In 2021, the value of coming together globally as an allied health professional community was a key aspect of the day. Last year gave us the opportunity to celebrate and share what a positive impact we can make to people’s lives and the way we have adapted our practice as we began our recovery from the pandemic. 

This year offers us the opportunity to continue to recognise the impact of AHPs but also to acknowledge the importance of supporting the health and wellbeing of not only ourselves, our colleagues and teams, but those we provide services to. It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate those AHPs who provide services across seven days and not just Monday to Friday! Use this handy guide below to schedule posts to go out on AHPs Day. 

So lets use this year’s AHPs day to think about our own health and wellbeing and share examples of how you look after yourself following a busy working week, particularly those AHPs who provide a 7 day service. 

We look forward to seeing your social media posts and connecting with you all. 


Celebrate, Appreciate, Inspire, Connect
ahps day

This year the four key areas of focus will continue to be: 

Celebrating who we are as allied health professionals, the people we work with and the impact we can make every day. Why not have a virtual get together to share and celebrate all your successes - you choose how! #celebrate 

Appreciating our skills and impact on care and support in our local communities is important. Do you have local stories to share? Maybe you will be hosting AHP appreciation awards? We know relationships and people are at the heart of everything we do, why not use the day to day to just say thank you, reflect on how we look after our own health and wellbeing and the people we work with. #appreciate 

Inspiring our future workforce and ensuring we can continue to grow an AHP workforce fit for the future is everyone's responsibility. Why not use this theme to support people looking into a career as an AHP, a career of choice. You could share how you are inspiring our future workforce or maybe how you are offering new and innovative models of practice placements #inspire 

Connecting with others. What relationships and conversations do you need to be engaging in to plug AHPs into workforce transformation and pathway redesign in your system? How are you connecting research with clinical practice? How are you sharing success and joining the dots on quality improvement and local and national policies? How are you connecting across the system on the shared ambition and aspiration of Scotland’s National Performance Framework? #connect 

On the day, remember #AHPsDay is a social movement - there are no must do's, only can do's! Watch our for activity on the @NESnmahp X (Twitter) account. The important thing is to share it with others using the hashtags #AHPsDay & #AHPsDayScot on social media. Please also include #AHPsScot – who are instrumental in sharing practice and good news stories of AHP endeavours across Scotland. AHPs across health and social care. (wordpress.com)