AHP careers and recruitment

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Please find more information below on careers promotion resources for Allied Health Professions (AHPs). These resources and signposting are designed to support you in raising awareness of AHP careers. The aim is to promote careers as an AHP, ensuring information and advice is easily available.

AHP careers and recruitment
Find out more about AHP Careers
  • My World of Work - My World of Work | - information and job profiles on AHP careers as well as access to course searches
  • NHS Education for Scotland/NHS Careers Scotland have developed a series of careers resources to highlight the range of careers available as an Allied Health Professional which were launched on the 14th of October.
  • The below downloadable poster also includes a career routes infographic. 
Explore our Careers

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Career Promotion Resources

Here are some other career promotion resources you might find helpful.                           

Speech and Language Therapy  

  • RCOT:  website  guides and presentations for people wanting to promote occupational therapy careers.



Occupational Therapy

You will find information about what Occupational Therapists do and how to become one, as well as stories and videos from Occupational Therapists about why they love their career. The Choose OT website is the resource that we share with people interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist, including school pupils.  

  •  Resources for careers talks  

RCOT: We also have resources on our website for people wanting to promote occupational therapy careers. These include guides and presentations for giving careers talks in schools and videos of  occupational therapists sharing their career stories.   

Therapeutic Radiography


Prosthetics and Orthotics 


Arts Therapy 

Music Therapy 

Drama Therapy 




Key Dates for Careers Promotion

World Music Therapy Day

1st of March

European Day of Speech and Language Therapy

6th of March

Arts Therapy Awareness Day

23rd March

World Orthoptics Day

First Monday of every June

Dietitians Week

20-24th June

International Paramedics Day

8th of July

Prosthetics and Orthotists Day

7th of September

World Physio Day

8th of September

World Occupational Therapy Day

27th of October

International Podiatry Day

8th of October

AHPs Day

14th of October

World Radiography Day

8th of November

Careers Week Scotland

7th-11th of October