Allied health professions (AHP) support and supervision

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Scotland’s Position Statement on supervision for Allied Health Professions (2018) states that all AHP practitioners, irrespective of their level of practice or experience, should have access to, and be prepared to make constructive use of supervision.

The focus of supervision:

The role of supervision in health and social care is essential for all staff to:  

  • promote health and well-being 

  • develop knowledge, skills and values 

  • support personal and professional development 

  • promote competent, practice, safe and effective person centred care 

This short animation introduces the key principles of AHP Support and Supervision and the benefits of engaging in quality supervision practice.

The following short videos provide examples from practice. Although the videos were recorded during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the principles around the benefits, process and structure of supervison remain the same and are relevant to current and future practice. The videos highlight the value of supervision during periods of transition, such as becoming a newly qualified practitioner, changes in role or responsibilities, or change in service delivery.