Information for managers and educators

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Information for managers and educators about healthcare support worker (HCSW) learning and development with signposting links to key resources and role development examples.

Ways of working
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At NES working in partnership with you to support you with high quality learning resources, developing shared solutions and creating quick links to current resources.  We often describe our work in three themes, which influence and support each other


If you want quick access to our HCSW resources please use the links below:  

Learning and development resources

  1. Development and Education Framework for level 2-4 Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions (NMAHP) Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs) 
  2. NMAHP Development Framework  
  3. Induction Standards and Codes resources 
  4. Learning resources supporting 4 pillars of practice for HCSWs 
  5. Making Delegation Safe and Effective: A learning resource for Nurses, Midwives, AHPs and Healthcare Support Workers 
  6. Professional Portfolio on TURAS Learn 
  7. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  8. Supporting personal development and review planning discussions
  9. Keeping a record of care
  10. Framework for the Administration of Medicines by Level 3 and 4 Healthcare Support Workers in Scotland  
  11. Promoting Effective Medicines Administration Practice (PEMAP) - national recommended education programme
  12. Supporting learners with specific learning needs
  13. Support Worker events
  14. Free generic learning resources

Role development resources

  1. Case studies  
  2. Support Worker Masterclass model
  3. Routes into nursing infographic  
  4. Associate Practice Educator report 2023
  5. Showcasing the impact of the Associate Practice Educator role on HCSW development
  6. Developing Assistant Practitioner (Band 4) roles and supporting education
  7. Developing Wellbeing and Enablement Practitioners (Level 4) roles and associated education
  8. NMAHP Professional Workforce Needs Analysis Tool
  9. Health and Care Staffing in Scotland
  10. Scottish Government commission into HCSW education and careers pathways
  11. Support for individuals and employers to understand the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) (videos and links)


  1. Parental Employability Support Fund (PESF)  (providing support for low income families)
  2. Staff support and financial wellbeing advices and resources