Developing HCSW roles

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The learning resources listed on this site are generic.  They are designed to be applicable to all NHS Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions (NMAHP) Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW) roles. This allows services and teams to work with a national structure, but add local detail – for example, what does that post look like here, in our team?   

The HCSW Learning Framework principles can be applied to health and care staff in any sector it can work alongside.   If you are interested in developing shared solutions across a wider service, the following reports and links may be of interest.  You can contact the HCSW team directly through our project mailbox 

Networking and sharing best practice
NES HCSW ways of working image

One of our key roles at NES is to network with our stakeholders and to share best practice across Scotland and beyond.  This is the HCSW Voice and Learning Culture part of our model, and we do this through two key national networks:

  1. HCSW Education Network – join the national network for educators and managers 

  1. HCSW Advisory Group – HCSWs working collaboratively with NES   

We promote best practice in developing and reviewing support worker skill mix and career pathways through a collaborative approach:

  1. HCSW Masterclass model  

We share examples of developing support worker roles and the lessons learned to promote spread across the system:  


  1. HCSW role development stories