Learning site outlining the Mental Health Improvement framework and supporting resources.


The resources on this site have been co-produced by NHS Education for Scotland and Public Health Scotland to support the implementation of Scotland’s Public Health Priorities for Mental Health, Scotland’s Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027; and Scotland’s Suicide Prevention Action Plan – Every Life Matters.

They will support staff across the public sector and beyond to develop the knowledge and skills needed to promote good mental health and wellbeing across the whole population and to prevent mental ill health, self-harm or suicide. It is also about improving the quality and length of life for people who experience mental ill health and addressing the inequalities people can face.

Knowledge and Skills Framework

The framework articulates the knowledge and skills required across 4 levels of practice : informed, skilled, enhanced and specialist. These are based on the nature and frequency of contact staff have with people who may be at risk of, or affected by, mental ill health, self-harm or suicide

Framework Domains


The Framework outlines knowledge and skills across six domains as follows:

Learning Resources

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Workforce Development Plan

This plan has been developed jointly by NES and NHS Health Scotland to inform the planning and delivery of education and learning on mental health improvement and suicide prevention. It should be viewed as an iterative document which will be continually revised and further developed. Due to the diverse nature and size of the health and social care, and wider workforce this plan applies to, a phased approach will be adopted in identifying and responding to learning and development needs. It links to the Knowledge and Skills Framework for Mental Health Improvement and Suicide Prevention, also found on this page.

We are pleased to receive any feedback and suggestions on the content of this plan at Psychology@nes.scot.nhs.uk or shirley.windsor@phs.scot.

You can access the Workforce Development Plan on the NES Corporate Website. 

**Featured** Learning Bytes

Find our new set of learning bytes on the Skilled level page. They cover Promoting Mental Health, Supporting People in Distress and Crisis, Supporting People at Risk of Self Harm and Supporting Recovery and Quality of Life for People Living with Mental Ill Health. Learning Byte 3: Supporting People at Risk of Suicide is coming soon.

  • Skilled level resources

    Resources page for staff working in mental health and suicide prevention at the Skilled level.