Specialist level resources

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Resources page for staff working in mental health and suicide prevention at the Specialist level.


The ‘Specialist Level' focuses on the knowledge and skills required for staff, who because of their role and/or practice setting, play a specialist role in mental health improvement and the prevention of self-harm or suicide, and includes specialist mental health/public health professionals.  Knowledge and skills at this level are role and context specific which means educaiton to support practitioners is too.  The knowledge and skills framework can help you to identify any learning or development needs within the context of your role/environment. 

Resource Repository


Are a UK National Autism Research Charity who focus on giving autistic people the opportunity to live long, happy, healthy lives. 


Supporting autistic children and young people through crisis. 

Is a resource that has been developed to support those working in mental health and crisis services to support young autistic people experiencing mental health crisis.



National Autistic Society 
Self-harm and Autism-a guide for professionals 

If you work with autistic people and are concerned that someone you support is self-harming, this guide explains signs to look out for and how to seek help. For medical and mental health professionals, treatment options are explored.