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Welcome to the Facilitator Resources Area. Here you will find a series of facilitation packages which you can deliver to support your workforce to develop knowledge and skills at the informed and skilled level of practice. You will be required to complete an application form to access these resources, and once approved, you will receive access to the relevant facilitation packages.

To help with your application form you may wish to review the following:  

Informed Level Packages

  • Review the Informed Level Section on TURAS
  • Review the Ask Tell Animations and complete the online informed level module

Skilled Level Packages

  • Review the Skilled Level Section on TURAS
  • Read through the relevant Learning Bytes for session content.


To access this area you need to be signed into your Turas account. 

NHS Education for Scotland/Public Health Scotland Skilled Level Facilitator Evaluation

This report summaries a one-year project undertaken by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and Public Health Scotland (PHS) to develop and test new mental health improvement and prevention of self-harm and suicide resources for facilitators. The resources were designed to support and build local service or organisation capacity to deliver education related to mental health distress, crisis and suicide prevention. 

The report can be accessed on the following link -  NES PHS MHI&SP Skilled Level Facilitator Evaluation Report 

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