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Here you can find access to resources of the events run through Leadership Links.  For further information on any of these topics, use the search function above to search this site, and check also GoodPractice.

Leadership Links Event 7th November 2018
Leadership Links

Leadership Links Event on 7 November 2018 focussed on developing leadership skills and sharing learning with colleagues and experts; developing collaboration and influencing skills and exploring creativity and innovation.

This event again offered a great opportunity to network with colleagues and partners; and to learn about Project Lift, a new joint initiative of the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland. Project Lift supports the development of leadership capability and capacity to transform health and social care. It is about exploring how leadership at all levels can achieve transformational change: what does transforming care mean to you, to your team and for the future?

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We offered a range of workshops:


Collaboration in action - Kirsty Leishman
Kirsty Leishman

Building on the webinar Collaboration in Action, Kirsty Leishman workshop offered participants an opportunity to explore and deepen their experiences of collaboration: their experiences of it and the kinds of obstacles they perhaps encounter when it comes to putting collaborative practice into action.

The practice of transformative innovation - Graham Leicester
Graham Leicester

Building on the webinar The Practice of Transformative Innovation, Graham Leicester presented the view that our health and social care systems are under pressure, so transformative innovation is needed.  This is about deliberately shifting systems over time towards new patterns of viability, fit for a changing world and in tune with our aspirations for the future.

Leading by design - Hazel White and Mike Press
Hazel White and Mike Press

This workshop built on the webinar Change by Design: Leading through Creativity and Innovation.  Hazel White and Mike Press provided hands-on experience of some key design methods and tools that help make change happen. The methods introduced are designed to understand the needs of users and consumers, to step into the shoes of others and identify barriers and opportunities.

Collaborative leadership - Paul Hibbert
Paul Hibbert

This workshop built on the webinar Managing the Complexity of Collaboration.  Paul Hibbert invited participants to think about the difficulties of leading collaborations, and explore alternative ways that they might act; develop an approach to considering and building their resilience in the face of the difficulties of collaborative leadership; explore the application of these ideas through sharing problematic experiences with the group, to see how different options could be utilized in the future.

Dialogue in practice - Joanne Rafferty
Joanne Rafferty

Transforming services requires leaders, managers and staff to generate creative and collaborative solutions to complex and often messy issues – so the ability to talk and think together well is key.  Building on Sharon Millar’s excellent Introduction to Dialogue webinar, Joanne Rafferty gave participants the chance to practice and further explore the core concepts of dialogue together, using a mix of input, reflection, small and whole group conversation.

Leadership Links Event 7th November 2017
Leadership Links

Leadership Links Event 7th November 2017 focussed on developing leadership skills and sharing learning with colleagues and experts; building self-awareness, developing networking skills and improving one's impact on others.

This event was also a great opportunity to network with colleagues and partners; and to gain insight to the new Turas Learn platform where Leadership Links (formerly known as Managers’ Development Network) is now hosted at.

Welcome slides

We offered a range of workshops:

Strategic influence : making collaboration work with maximum buy-in - Colin Gautrey
Colin Gautrey

This workshop followed on from the webinar Strategic Influencing, and gave participants practical exercises to apply the principles of collaborative stakeholder engagement to specific challenges they needed to influence in their work. Key discussions included the impact of organisational politics, the reality of conflicting agendas, why influence is so challenging and the sharing of ideas on how to influence most effectively in the NHS/Public Sector environment in Scotland.

Further information; resource - the Influence Blog

Developing self-awareness – Gillian McCready
Developing Self-awareness – Gillian McCready

This workshop built upon the webinar Developing Self-awareness, which provided a theoretical understanding and practical approaches to developing greater self-awareness.  Participants were asked to bring feedback from colleagues to the workshop, and were given an opportunity to reflect on this feedback and to decide on the steps that they would like to take to capitalise on the insight that was gained.

Further information; slides; resources - 40 questions, Feed ForwardJohari Window, personal values

Fostering a culture of inclusion – Kristi Long with Bela Gor and Anna Ritchie Allan
Fostering a Culture of Inclusion – Kristi Long with Bela Gor and Anna Ritchie Allan
Fostering a Culture of Inclusion – Kristi Long with Bela Gor and Anna Ritchie Allan
Fostering a Culture of Inclusion – Kristi Long with Bela Gor and Anna Ritchie Allan

This workshop built on the Fostering a Culture of Inclusion webinar.  We explored strategies for reducing bias and inequalities at key points in the employment journey, such as recruitment, job role design, managing teams, performance management and staff development.

 Further information; slidesFlexible working booklet

The Enquiring Networker – David Steinberg
The enquiring networker – David Steinberg

This advanced questioning skills workshop that built on the Empathic Questioner webinar, aimed to empower participants with a new approach to enquiry and critical thinking. The breakthrough questioning method is steeped in investigative journalism, cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, urban design, and Newtonian physics. It emphasises humility, finely tuned listening, empathy, and Eastern and Western perspectives on mindfulness.

Further information; slides; videos to accompany slides: 1, 2, 3, 4; resource: Client questioning model

Authentic leadership IV – Laura Kinsler
Authentic Leadership IV – Laura Kinsler

This workshop built on the Authentic Leadership 1 webinar. It is a scaled down taster session of a more extensive programme inspired by the work of Fusco, O’Riordan & Palmer. The intention of the workshop was to: provide some basic tools to support Authentic Leadership development; provide participants space and time to reflect on what informs their leadership; and help participants to raise self-awareness of how they lead.

Further information; resource: Values inventory

Seeing myself in action – Kirsty Leishman
Seeing myself in Action – Kirsty Leishman

This workshop – a preliminary taster – aimed to take a few further steps towards helping you ‘see yourselves’ in action; expanding your awareness of how an individual’s world-view can both enhance and limit capacity to change and develop, and evolve self and relationships.

Further information; slides; resource: Global Leadership Associates website