Managing the complexity of collaboration

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This webinar will introduce tools for reflective practice to help provide ways of characterising problems and finding the source of difficulties.  We then connect with two possible ways that we can address the problems and difficulties in collaboration, through robust managerial action or positive leadership.  Both approaches are possible: there is no single right way, and either approach comes with costs and consequences which are touched on.

You will be invited to:

  • think about your own ways of contributing to, managing or leading collaborations;
  • begin to explore how reflective practice can provide insights into the complex problems that arise;
  • begin to consider how you might intervene to address the problems with which to expand your thinking via simple acts of inquiry.
About the presenter
Photo of Paul Hibbert

Paul Hibbert

Paul Hibbert is Vice-Principal Education and Professor of Management at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. His research is principally concerned with collaborative and relational processes of organizing and learning. He has published extensively in leading international journals, has editorial and leadership roles in learned societies such as the Academy of Management, and has worked with a wide range of organizations in consultancy, training and professional development roles. The organizations engaged with are numerous, and examples include: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; the Scottish Government’s “Collaborating for Outcomes in the Public Sector” programme; the Scottish Government Change Division; regional and specialist organizations of the National Health Service; the Scottish Episcopal Church; and Fife Health & Social Care Partnership.

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