Mandatory training (Dental)

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Welcome to the Scottish Dental Mandatory Training programme

There is a statutory requirement to complete the dental mandatory training course for any dentist wishing to join the dental list in Scotland for the first time ** or those who have had a period of absence from an NHS list of twelve months or more. 

We have been asked by Scottish Government to set up this training, to assess those who attend and to issue certification to those who successfully complete it. This certification will be required by a territorial Health Board before they can issue a list number.

** unless they are coming straight from satisfactorily completing dental vocational training

What does mandatory training involve?

Mandatory training involves the attendance at one or two parts of the course, followed by an online assessment, called the Test of Knowledge. From September 2022 our courses will be held as a combination of online lectures and face to face training.

Applicants to the dental list in Scotland who are currently working on an equivalent list in a primary care dental setting in the rest of the UK will have automatic exemption from part 1 of mandatory training but will be required to successfully complete Part 2 plus test of knowledge. The first part covers those matters of which it is expected that practitioners to have experience through working in the UK.

Parts 1 & 2 (4 sessions online) (2 sessions face to face) for dentists who have not worked on an NHS list in Scotland or the UK within 12 months.

Part 2 only (2 sessions online) (1 session face to face) to include all dentists who have completed Part 1 as well as Dentists who are currently included on a dental list in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and have not worked in Scotland within 12 months (required to complete Part 2 only).

Frequently asked questions on mandatory training [DOC]

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Test of knowledge

All applicants must pass the Test of knowledge assessment following full attendance at the Mandatory training course in order to receive the Certificate of completion which will allow you to be listed within Scotland.

Applicants should commence practicing the Test of knowledge in advance of the course as resources are signposted within the practice questions.

The ability to pass Test of knowledge requires both attending all the sessions as well as learning from the additional resources.

Full details on the Test of knowledge can be found here

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

All applicants must complete a personal development plan. The document can be found here

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