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The Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway (SIPCEP) provides education resources for health and social care staff and students in Scotland. The National Infection Prevention and Control Manual provides national IPC guidance.

The National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NIPCM) 

The NIPCM has been updated and re-launched by the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) on Monday 11 July 2022.  The content has been updated to reflect the transition from the Winter Respiratory Infection Prevention and Control Addendum. You can also view a short animation, providing an overview of the NIPCM. 

IPC Zone

Welcome to the NES IPC Zone

** Check out the News and Updates page for all the latest announcements. Latest NEWS added: 16 January 2023.** 

Please note: If you are employed by the Scottish Ambulance Service please complete any eLearning modules on the IPC Zone on the learnPro NHS site. You can use all other IPC Zone resources on Turas Learn.

The IPC Zone provides resources to support health and social care staff, students and volunteers in Scotland with education and training in respect of Infection Prevention and Control, Decontamination of Re-usable Medical Devices (Local and Endoscopy) and Antimicrobial Prescribing, Management and Stewardship.

In the IPC Zone you will find:

  • a range of resources including e-learning modules, guides, workbooks, videos/animations and frameworks
  • tools to support learning and development in relation to infection prevention and control in local care settings and within in-house training provision

All learning resources on this site are free to use.

What is the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway (SIPCEP)?

A staged pathway of infection prevention and control education for all Scottish health and social care staff and students to enable them to continuously improve their knowledge and skills around infection prevention and control as part of their role.

You can find further help and information on the SIPCEP Guidance and Support page.

SIPCEP layers

The foundation layer comprises education resources covering all 10 Standard Infection Control Precautions and other introductory IPC topics.

The intermediate layer focuses on the application of knowledge and covers a range of topics with resources in a variety of formats.

The improvement layer is aimed at those seeking to develop knowledge and skills in quality improvement relating to infection prevention and control.

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