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Welcome to the Scottish Infection Prevention and Control Education Pathway - Improvement layer.
The improvement layer is aimed at those seeking to develop knowledge and skills in quality improvement relating to infection prevention and control.

About improvement layer
SIPCEP Intermediate Layer

All learning resources on this site are free to use.

The improvement layer is designed for those who wish to develop knowledge and skills in relation to infection prevention and control and quality improvement, lead on or actively participate in an infection prevention and control improvement project in their place of work.

This layer also incorporates quality improvement programmes currently offered by NES at Foundation, Practitioner and Leader levels and builds on knowledge and skills in the application of the science of improvement. Further information is available at the Quality Improvement Zone.

The Improvement layer consists of a range of resources that can get you started with quality improvement or help you with improvement work.

➤  Get started
If you don't know anything about quality improvement yet, check out the eLearning quality improvement modules. You might want to use The model for improvement as a framework to support your improvement work.

➤  Learn about other IPC improvement projects
You can read about some IPC improvement stories including case studies and posters to understand the application of quality improvement methodology into practice and the quality improvement journey.

➤  Find resources for your own improvement project
If you are already working on an improvement project, you might find some of the tools and links in the quality improvement tools useful for your improvement work.

➤  Develop more expertise
Check out the different quality improvement development opportunities available, if you are interested in developing basic or more advanced skills in quality improvement.


Once you have used the SIPCEP Improvement Layer, we would be really grateful for your feedback, so we can continue to improve the resources we provide for you.

Please complete the SIPCEP Improvement Layer Feedback to share your experience with us.

Thank you!

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