AHP PrBL Models and Modes of delivery

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There are many different models or approaches to providing student placements/PrBL experiences which will support students to develop the knowledge and skills they require to enter the workforce.

Placement planning is essential no matter what type of placement you are delivering. It is important to

  • Manage expectations of everyone involved
  • Ensure good planning and communication with all involved including use of timetables as required
  • Ensure all IT requirements are considered
  • Ensure effective supervision and support structures are in place
  • Be enthusiatic and committed to a positive placement experience
  • Have a supportive team approach to placement provision
  • Be willing to give different placement models a go to meet the needs of your team and service



Models of placement/PrBL opportunities

There are many different models, or approaches, to providing AHP student placements/ practice-based learning opportunities.

Here are examples of models of PrBL experiences/placements;

  • Cross sector
  • Split/shared
  • Peer assisted learning (PAL)
  • Interprofessional
  • Project based
  • Leadership
  • Research

Here are examples of modes of placement delivery

  • Face to face
  • Digital
  • Blended

Please see the left hand column of this page to explore each of the placement models individually

Placement model resources

AHP student models and methods of placement delivery

The following resources have been developed by Nicole Kerroum and Lauren Rice, Physiotherapy students from Robert Gordon university (RGU).  The aim of the resources is to increase AHP students knowledge and understanding of how the wide range of placement models available contribute to their professional development. 

The resources provide specific information on the benefits of each placement model, the models links to the four pillars of practice and the HCPC standards of proficiency and importantly it also captures AHP students perspectives on the different placement models available.