AHP digitally supported placement

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There are many words and phrases to describe an AHP placement or PrBL experience supported by technology

  • technology enabled placement
  • digitally enhanced placement
  • remote placement
  • digital placement
  • virtual placement

Placements supported by technology can be 

  • Fully digital or technology supported
  • Blended - digital and face to face

The opportunity for students to experience a technology supported placement is now part of a portfolio of experiences open to AHP students across Scotland.  This type of placement promotes and develops digitally competent and confident practitioners for the future. Many AHP professions and teams incorporate the use of digital platforms to deliver services therefore the development of digital skills are essential for students as they prepare to join the workforce. 

Follow this link to find out more about supporting an AHP student on a technology supported or digital placement

Examples of digital/virtual placements
Image of a computer screen in black and white with outlines of people

Click on any of the highlighted blue areas below to find out more about the experiences of some of the AHP professions.  



Speech and Language Therapy



Other resources
  • Click here for practical guidance from the Near me team about student placements

Webinar 2: Physiotherapy MSK Digital placement example

Webinar 3: how to use Near Me to provide a digitally enhanced placement


  • Webinar: Digital placement examples from SLT, OT, PT


Virtual and project based placements - what will students learn?

PEEP placement

The Peer enhanced e-placement (PEEP) model was created  by Professor Lisa Taylor for Occupational Therapy students at the University of East Anglia in response to the Covid-19 pandemic when student placements were cancelled - and has been developed since by Lisa working in partnership with Professor Gilly Salmon (gillysalmon.com). 

The PEEP model was designed to mirror (as much as possible) the usual in situ face to face placement learning experience, delivered through a virtual learning environment with the placement learning outcomes at the heart of its design.  PEEP allows groups of students to work together, using peer learning and online learning pedagogical theory. Multiple placement teams across a number of professions have now implemented their own PEEPs after participating in an online PEEP acquisition experience led by Lisa and Gilly. Evaluation has shown the PEEP model to be adaptable and adoptable to individual local student needs and offers the opportunity for  collaborative working between academics, clinicians and service users (all delivered online).



PEEP model video

Narrated video explaining the background to and theory underpinning the PEEP model.