Endodontics: Basic Principles and Application in Practice

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A set of resources created by the British Endodontic Society freely available to watch in your own time

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Professor Alison Qualtrough - Gives a brief overview of the Learning Materials hosted within this package

Management of Deep Caries and the Exposed Pulp

Phil Tomson

Head of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant, Birmingham School of Dentistry

This module covers deep carious lesions, how to manage the pulp when under threat and the future management of pulp disease

Dental Trauma

James Darcey

Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, University Dental Hospital of Manchester

Endodontist at clinic 334

This short module is an introduction to the management of adult dental trauma and it's consequences

Access Cavities

Sanjeev Bhanderi

Specialist Endodontist and Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool

This module covers all aspects of access cavities for endodontic treatment and is intended to show you how to get into the pulp space as effectively as possible


Will McLean

Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Endodontics, Glasgow Dental Hospital and School

This module covers irrigation, and includes an example of a patient's journey through a hypochlorite accident

Nickel Titanium Instruments in Endodontics

Mark J Hunter

Specialist Endodontist Practitioner

This module covers all aspects of the use of Nickel Titanium Instruments in Endodontics


Mr Mark J Hunter

Specialist Endodontist Practitioner

This module covers obturation of root canals, including the materials that are available and the various techniques that can be used to achieve good obturation

Post Endodontic Restorations

Noushad Rahim

Special Interest in Endodontics, currently undertaking a PhD at King's College London

This module covers post endodontic treatment of anterior and posterior teeth, including how to chose direct and indirect restorations

Post Endodontic Restoration Quiz

Successful completion entitles you to 1.25 hours of verifiable CPD.

Learning Aims: To discuss preservation of tooth and restoring an endodontically treated tooth.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • A) Be able to outline the criteria upon which restoration of a root filled tooth must be judged 
  • B) Be able to identify options available for restoration of anterior and posterior root filled teeth
  • C) Be able to choose when to provide an indirect or direct restoration based upon current evidence
  • D) Be able to demonstrate core build up
Risk Management in Endodontics

Alyn Morgan

Specialist Endodontist at U Dentistry

Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow at Leeds Dental Institute

This module aims to raise your awareness of common pitfalls and how to avoid them, help you recognise and manage failure and know when to refer


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