Nickel Titanium Instruments in Endodontics

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By completing this section you should: 

  • A) Be able to explain the rationale behind the use of rotary and/or reciprocating instruments and irrigating solutions for root canal shaping 
  • B) Be able to summarise the construction of NiTi instruments and their properties 
  • C) Be able to illustrate stainless steel and NiTi instruments are sequenced to allow shaping of the root canal   
  • D) Be able to prepare canals of ideal length and taper in simulated blocks and/or typodont teeth 
  • E) Recognise how to avoid iatrogenic errors 

This video gives an overview of Nickel titanium instruments in endodontics and the Learning Objectives.

Part 1 - Development and Characteristics

Part 1 - Development and Characteristics

Part 2 - Clinical Application

Part 2 - Clinical Application

Part 3 - Examples of systems in use

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  • Published 11/03/2022
  • Due for Review 11/03/2024