Implementation Checklist

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The implementation checklist is a tool that can help you plan your implementation.

What is it?

When you have tried and tested your change idea in a variety of conditions and are sure your change idea results in improvement you are ready to implement or make it ‘business as usual’. The implementation checklist is a tool that can help you plan your implementation. It has 5 steps to follow to make sure your change idea sticks

What does this tool look like?
Implementation Checklist Image
Why use this tool?

Making a change idea permanent requires planning otherwise it can be a person dependent process and things can quickly go back to how they were before your change idea. Using the implementation checklist allows you to plan all the things that need to be in place to make sure your idea becomes business as usual.

Where does it fit in the Quality Improvement Journey?


This is relevant at this stage in the Quality Improvement Journey.


This is also relevant to the three themes that support your journey. 

How to use it

The implement checklist has 5 key steps to successful implementation.

Step 1: Standardisation

At this step list all the processes, jobs and tasks necessary to maintain your change idea. Use the table to record them all and assign people roles and responsibilities to make sure everyone knows what is expected of them. This includes things like new standards procedures and protocols.

Step 2 Documentation

Make sure you document the new process and how that will work. Make sure you record who is responsible for keeping the process up to date.

Step 3 Measurement

How will you know the improvement is maintained if it is not measured? Use the table in the checklist to record what you will measure as quality control.  Think about who will do the measuring and how often. Include a clear operational definition to make sure everyone measures the same thing 

Step 4 Education

Now you need to make sure everyone understands the new process. This includes new people joining your team. What training is required and who needs to be trained, how often and who is responsible for keeping the materials up-to-date.

Step 5 Resources

Finally think about what resources are required to implement your change idea. Where will this resource come from?

Now you are ready to implement your change idea

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