Leadership and Teams

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This section focusses on Leadership and team which are key at all stages of your improvement journey. 

The Quality Improvement Journey

Why leadership and team is important

The way teams are led and work together has a significant impact on the effectiveness and sustainability of quality improvement work.To get the most out of improvement efforts we need to create opportunities for teams to build trust, innovate and problem-solve together.  This collaborative approach also involves working with people who use your service and is essential for any team or organisation working with today‚Äôs fast-moving, complex improvement challenges. These skills are needed throughout the improvement journey.

Watch the animation below for an overview of Leadership and Teams.

The Quality Improvement Journey
Topics in Leadership and Teams

Create the conditions for improvement

Establishing a sense of urgency, forming a Guiding Coalition. co-creating a clear vision and forming the improvement team.  (this click takes you to Create Conditions)

Leading and Working with Teams

Leadership is primarily about people and relationships. Building trust and creating a positive team culture that empowers, enables and inspires groups of people to work together to make improvement happen.

Tools to help facilitate teams

A selection of tried and tested practical tools and techniques to help you lead and support effective teamwork. 

Developing your leadership capabilities

Developing your self-awareness, facilitation and coaching skills to become an effective improvement leader. Learning how to optimise your working relationships.