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The Patient Safety Zone provides information and resources to support health care workers with experience at all levels to develop their knowledge and understanding of patient safety issues.

Welcome to Patient Safety

Three 'Quality Ambitions' (Person-Centred, Safe and Effective) provide the focus for everything NHSScotland does in its aim to deliver the best quality healthcare to the people of Scotland and, through this, make NHSScotland a world leader in healthcare quality.

While things going wrong in healthcare are not uncommon (international evidence highlights adverse events are reported in approximately one in ten hospital patients and one to two percent of primary care consultations), successful clinical outcomes are obviously the norm in the vast majority of care provided.

In the Patient Safety Zone you will find:

  • Tools and techniques for identifying and checking safety issues, implementing safer care practices and dealing with incidents
  • Educational resources including publications, websites, initiatives and training offered by NHS Education for Scotland
Current Initiatives and Useful Links

Quality Improvement Zone

Healthcare Improvement Scotland iHub

Clinical Skills Managed Educational Network

Health Care Associated Infections

Health Care Associated Infections - The HAI education team is responsible for providing educational resources to support health and social care staff working in acute, community, care home/residential housing and care at home services in Scotland with educational courses on Infection Prevention and Control.

Effective Practitioner

Effective Practitioner - Supporting NMAHP practitioners at Level 5 or 6 of the Career Framework for Health

The Effective Practitioner Initiative is a commitment in Scotland to support the large group of Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHP) practitioners at Level 5 and 6 of the Career Framework for Health. It supports the  Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHS Scotland.

Vocational Qualification Finder

Vocational Qualification Finder - The VQ Finder is an online database of vocational qualifications available in Scotland and relevant to NHSScotland staff. It includes details of more than 300 qualifications, including HNCs, HNDs, SVQs, Professional Development Awards (PDAs), Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) and other qualifications from SCQF Level 4 upwards.  It includes guidance for learners, employers and learning providers on selecting the most suitable qualification to meet their needs.