General Practitioner and Team Resources

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General Practitioners and GP teams are expected to take part in Quality Improvement work.

•  GP trainees need to complete QI work as part of their Work Place Based Assessments 
•   Qualified GPs need to complete QI as part of their appraisal.
•   GP Clusters are expected to engage in peer led QI activity within and across practices. 

General Practitioner and Team Resources

“Quality Improvement involves reflecting and evaluating on current work using a specific method leading to change”

For some, involvement in QI can seem like extra work in an already busy day. Many of us are changing and improving ways of working and may not realise we are already doing QI. We have developed some resources that we hope will make it easier for busy professionals to use to either direct QI work or to write up work they are doing.

Quality Improvement Activities

Quality Improvement Activities (QIAs) are activities that involve using a specific method to reflect and evaluate current work resulting in the implementation of changes.

Quality Improvement Projects

Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs) are a complete description, from beginning to end, of the work involved in identifying, exploring, designing and implementing changes for quality improvement, while collecting data.