What's new in April 2021

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Outlined below are release notes on the significant changes and improvements to the Turas Vaccination Management tool in April 2021.

27th April 2021

Release 566, Version 2021.4.27.1 

Eligibility Criteria Guidance

Eligibility Criteria Guidance in the tool has been updated to state:

“Please choose the single most appropriate item from the options below. The 'Age Group' option should be selected if none of the other specific reasons apply, including if the patient is attending due to priority age group invitation.”

Eligibility Criteria Guidance
21st April 2021

Release 561, Version 2021.4.21.2 

Incomplete Vaccinations Sign Out Notification

On signing out from Turas Vaccination Management the Vaccinator and Registrant user roles will now be notified of any incomplete vaccination records where they were involved with either registering, screening, or vaccinating that patient.

Incomplete Vaccination Sign Out Notification Banner

Note: This will mean where patients are being pre-registered to clinics days in advance the user who registered them will be notified that these records are incomplete.

My Vaccinations

My Vaccinations is available to both  Vaccinator and Registrant user roles enabling them to view details of vaccination episodes – incomplete or complete - where they were involved with either registering, screening or vaccinating that patient.

My Vaccination Homepage Tile

By selecting the ‘My Vaccinations’ tile from the homepage the user will be taken to the ‘My Vaccinations' screen.

My Vaccination Screen

This screen offers the user the option to view either

  • Incomplete Vaccinations
  • Completed Vaccinations

Further details on this functionality can be found in the relevant section of the user guide.

5th April 2021

Release 534, Version 2021.4.5.1

Moderna vaccine added to product options

The Moderna Supplier, Product and Batch are now available in the tool. The user can select the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine (Moderna) on the vaccination page.

Screenshot with pointer showing Moderna vaccine offered as an option

Search for users of Vaccination Management

We received feedback that it was difficult to find manage the users of the Vaccination management Tool. For devolved administrators, a search function has been added to find users of the system. This is particularly helpful in some larger health boards with significant numbers of users. Selecting User Search from the 'User Management' menu will take the user to the User Search page

Screenshot User search menu item. Text says, find user search under the user management menu in the main navigation

Once on the user search page there are a variety of search options to help find the user of interest.

Screenshot User Search Page

View a revision history of a patient vaccination episode

From the Vaccination Details page, the user can now view any revisions made to the record via the Actions panel and the 'View this vaccination’s revisions' button.

This is an extension to the existing 'Revise' functionality, allowing a user to view all the changes that have been made to a vaccination episode.

Screenshot vaccination’s revisions Action button

No previous vaccination record info banner now displayed on the 'Vaccinate Patient' tab

This feature was added based on user feedback - a notification is shown on the Vaccination page to indicate that (based on available records) the patient has not had a previous vaccination.  

This complements the existing notification that is shown when a previous vaccination record is found for a patient

Screenshot of Info Banner for no previous vaccination record found
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