What's new in February 2021

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Outlined below are release notes on the significant changes and improvements to the Turas Vaccination Management tool in February 2021.

Thursday 25 February 2021

Release 477, Version 2021.2.25.3

Ability to View Vaccine Product and Batch Numbers

A 'Details of My Current Clinic' menu item allows a user to confirm that the products and batches available at their clinic are configured in the Vaccination Management tool before any vaccinations start.

Details of My Clinic Menu with text saying, Click on the 'Details of My Current Clinic' to view the vaccine product and batch details available at your current clinic
Screen shot of 'Clinic Details' page with pointers showing 'Clinic Details' panel, helpdesk contact link and available vaccines and batch numbers

Data Table Filters Improvements

Several screens in the Vaccination Management Tool present tables of information. These tables have an associated free text filter box. This change makes the labelling and layout of these filter boxes clearer and more consistent. The change also introduces a 'Clear Filter' button to simplify that action. 

Screen shot of the Clinic List page with a pointer showing the 'Clear filter' button

Example of 'Clear Filter' button as shown on the 'Clinic List' page

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Release 468, Version 2021.2.23.2

After the ‘Record Screening Outcome’ button is clicked you can start that patient’s vaccination using a link on the homepage

When a user has completed the screening of a patient and then clicks the ‘Record Screening Outcome’ button they are taken to the homepage. Displayed on the homepage is an alert stating the patient has been screened with a link to allow the user to start that patient’s vaccination.

Screen shot showing the position of 'Record Screening Outcome' button

You will still be able to start the vaccination of the patient after clicking the 'Record Screening Outcome' button

Screen shot of Vaccination Management homepage displaying a success message and link to start vaccination

Use the 'start their vaccination' link to start the vaccination of the patient that you last screened

The ‘Close without Saving’ button will return the vaccination record to its previous state

Previously, when you opened a patient vaccination record but didn’t make any changes to the form, then clicked the 'Go Back' link or the ‘Close without Saving’ button, that patient record moved to the ‘In Progress’ state. This caused workflow problems.

Now, following those actions will keep the patient status the same as it was before you open the patient record. So, if you start a patient screening, then choose 'Close without Saving' or 'Go Back' the vaccination episode will return to the 'Registered' state.

Screen shot showing alert message that displays where no matching CHI records are found using the patient search
Friday 19 February 2021

Pregnancy question added to the 'Screening and Consent' form

Vaccination Management has been updated to include the mandatory question 'Is the Patient known to be pregnant?'. The answer options are 'Yes' or 'No'. An answer to this question must be provided to complete the patient screening.

Vaccinators will ask pregnant women whether they have been counselled before vaccinating. Vaccinators will also ask whether women are breastfeeding and will signpost them to advice (but no requirement for pre-vaccination counselling).

Screen shot showing the position of the now mandatory pregnancy question

Pregnancy question is positioned after the patient vaccination history question.

Offline forms updated to include pregnancy question

The offline paper form should be used if your clinic experiences WiFi or connection issues. The pregnancy question 'Is the Patient known to be pregnant?' has been added to the form.

Note: To cater to the different vaccination clinic operating models there are now two offline paper forms.

Points to the position of the pregnancy question on the Vaccination Management offline form

Pregnancy question is positioned after the patient vaccination history question.

Monday 15 February 2021

Release 445, Version 2021.2.15.2

‘Clinic List’ retains patient status selections when refreshed

The ‘Refresh this List’ button on the ‘Clinic List’ didn’t work correctly. When a user clicked the ‘Refresh this List’ button the list would not always retain the selected patient status options. 

This release means that when the ‘Refresh this List’ button is clicked, the ‘Clinic List’ retains the status selections. Users would require less effort to find a patient as they would not have to re-select the patient status options that were previously set.  

Screen shot of the filters that are available on the Clinic List page of the Vaccination Management tool

Links to ‘Help’ have been updated

The links to help hosted on Turas Learn were out of date. These out of date links meant that when the user went to Turas Learn they were asked to sign in.  Now you can access the most up to date ‘Help’ content without being asked to sign in.

Saturday 13 February 2021

Release 443 Version 2021.2.12.4

Alert users that screening has started if 2 users try to start screening the same patient

If 2 users select a patient for screening at almost the same time, an unexpected error was displayed for the 2nd user (who selected the patient slightly later than the 1st user). The unexpected error wasn’t informative or helpful. Now, a message will display stating that the patient has already been selected for screening. The name of the vaccinator that started the screening is also displayed.

Thursday 11 February 2021

Release 439 Version 2021.2.10.3

Mass clinic workflow now supported

To support the mass clinic workflow the ‘Screening and Consent’ step has been split from the ‘Vaccination step’. The changed structure better supports the workflow used in some mass vaccination clinics (where different individuals perform those steps).

Apart from some labelling updates, the flow remains unchanged, meaning existing users will be able to complete their tasks as before.

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Release-428, Version 2021.2.2.4

Amend completed vaccinations

Completed vaccination records could not be amended. But users required the option to amend mistakes they knew they made to vaccination records. This release provides the much-requested functionality to allow amendments to completed vaccinations (within a 60-minute window).

The amend option can be found within the ‘Actions’ dropdown on the ‘Clinic List’ for 60 minutes after completing the patient’s vaccination.

Screen shot of the Actions dropdown on the Clinic List page of the Vaccination Management tool


The ‘Amend this Vaccination’ option is also available from the ‘View’ patient page 60 minutes after completing the patient’s vaccination.

Screen shot of the actions panel on a patient page on the Vaccination Management tool
Monday 1 February 2021

Release 424, Version 2021.2.1.3

‘Patient Phone Number’ error messaging has been improved

When registering a patient, the error message about the phone number format was not clear. The error message now provides more detail on the expected format.


Create multiple clinic locations using the same postcode

After completing a postcode search on the 'Create Location' page, where you find one or more matches, you will see these options:

  1. Search again (existing functionality)
  2. Create a location with the searched for postcode (new functionality)
  • action 1 will hide the search results and show the postcode search box (this is existing functionality)
  • action 2 will hide the search results and show the standard 'Create Location' form, the form will pre-populate the searched for postcode (new functionality)
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