Values based reflective practice (VBRP®)

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Values Based Reflective Practice, otherwise known as VBRP®, is a model which has been developed by NHS Scotland to help staff deliver the care they came into the service to provide. It does this by promoting regular inter-disciplinary group reflection.

VBRP® can be used by anyone working in health and social care and is applicable across all disciplines and professional groups. VBRP® uses the principles of reflective practice to enable practitioners to understand and recognise their personal and professional value and by doing so supports them in delivering safe, effective and person-centred care.

VBRP® overview

Overview of roles

VBRP® Board Leads' contact details

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VBRP® overview

Values Based Reflective Practice is an intentional way of reflecting on past practice, in the present, in order to improve practice in the future. VBRP® offers a structured, refletive method which is designed to help staff deliver the care they came into the service to provide.

VBRP® promotes person-centred care, engages in dialogue between personal and organisational values, attitudes and behaviours. It enhances staff fulfilment and turns history (what we have done) into learning. It supports staff members to better manage their own wellbeing and resilience, and helps them to develop increased reflexivity in their practice.

Ultimately, its goal is to improve the care provided to patients and service users.

Overview of roles

National roles

VBRP® is a national initiative created, designed and owned by NHS Education for Scotland (NES).


  • Reposible for the ongoing development of VBRP®, in partnership with other stakeholders
  • Creates, reviews and disseminates the VBRP® materials
  • Administers and delivers Train the Trainer course
  • Administers and/or delivers national Essential Toolkit and national Dynamics and Processes courses
  • Maintains a list of  VBRP® local leads and trainers. 

VBRP® Trainers: those who have successfully undergone a VBRP® Train the Trainer course can deliver the associated VBRP® training.

VBRP® steering group

The role of the Steering Group is to provide strategic and operational direction, advice and leadership in relation to the safe and effective delivery of VBRP® in Scotland and its promotion as an evidence-based listening service. 

Membership of the NES VBRP® Steering Group consists of representatives of those with responsibility for the management and delivery of VBRP® services in Territorial Boards and Special Health Boards.

Local roles

VBRP® Board Lead

As a national initiative delivered locally, the VBRP® Board Lead is a key role in the delivery and development of VBRP®. The role of the Board Lead is to:

•     champion VBRP® within the local health and social care community

•     ensure that VBRP® is accurately presented at all times

•     safeguard VBRP® from being asked to do what it cannot and should not do (i.e. solve manager’s problems, deal with dysfunctional teams etc.)

•     be the link person and point of contact between NES and the local context

•     ensure that all local facilitator and trainee facilitators are safe and fit to practice

•     act as mentor and coach to trainee facilitators within the local area

•     coordinate a local VBRP® community of practice

VBRP® facilitators:

Registered VBRP® facilitators may:

  • facilitate VBRP® sessions
  • facilitate reflective meetings in which the VBRP® tools are used
  • lead VBRP® taster events following consultation with the local VBRP® Lead

From summer 2023, the governance of VBRP® facilitators has moved from NES to the Local Boards via their VBRP® Lead, who now has responsibility to ensure their board facilitators are safe and fit to practice.

NHS Boards VBRP® Leads' contact details


NHS Ayrshire and Arran - Andy Gillies

NHS Borders - Caroline Wylie

NHS Dumfries and Galloway - Willie McFadden

NHS Fife - Ian Campbell/Lynne Innes

NHS Forth Valley - Vacant

Golden Jubilee National Hospital - Tosh Lynch

NHS Grampian - Vacant

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde - Cindy Pollock

NHS Highland - Janet Davidson

NHS Lanarkshire - Paul Graham

NHS Lothian - Lindsay Anderson

NHS Orkney - Vacant

NHS Tayside - Geoff Williams

NHS Shetland - Neil Brice

NHS Western Isles - TK Shadakshari

Data protection

Data protection

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